On Meat

The Anarchist Revival

Globalized agriculture isn’t sustainable because it requires the death of too many animals, and commercializes meat to the point of obesity and heart disease. The average diet has been deteriorated through economic eating and grease. Even cancer finds cause in our consumption of pork, chicken, and beef.

Thoreau argued in Walden that the farmer gets fat on his meat-based diet, but insists it’s necessary to maintain the energy levels required to complete his laborious day… meanwhile, an ox pulls the farmer’s plow through every rock and root without a single misstep, powered only by grass and oat.

Being a carnivore, particularly a predator, comes with a certain level of physical exertion. Energy is expended in order to corner and kill the prey, adrenaline is dumped, and thus the meal is earned. Humans devour one species after another, one for each meal, and even use one animal as a topping for…

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