Intuitive Nature Thought Experiments


Planting Strategy – If you planted one plant by itself, and planted the same species in a patch, which would be more likely to thrive? Why?

If there were only one plant species in the whole park, what would happen?

If all life forms except plants disappeared, what would happen?


Reviving Native Plants – What would likely happen to a plant that only grows in bogs if we transplanted it here? What would likely happen if we transplanted kudzu here? What’s the difference?


Planting Technique – Look at a plant. How is it different above ground than below? What does the outer layer need from its immediate environment? The part that’s below ground, how does it like to be situated in the soil? How can we give plants what they need when we put them in the ground?


Removing Invasives Strategies – Imagine you had one wish to have one invasive plant species removed in an instant from this natural area, what would it be? Then what would happen with that new bare space if you left it alone?


Connections – Pick one animal and one plant that are somehow connected to live. What do this plant and this animal need? What do these needs need?


Biodiversity – Imagine the number of animal species in 1. an acre of residential neighborhood, 2. an acre of forest invaded with nonnatives, and 3. an acre of natural wild land. Using your hand to make a bar graph show the relative difference of animal species quantities them left to right. Now do the same with plant species for the three environments. How do these graphs relate and why?