The Non-Humans First Declaration

Non-Humans First Declaration

Whereas; non-human animals are being oppressed and murdered by over 99 percent of the human population and these humans refuse to denounce human privilege.

Whereas; non-human animals are in a situation of immediate emergency and global holocaust with no human crises even coming close to its scale.

Whereas; we recognise our role as animal rights activists as being to directly advocate for non-human animals giving their interests a voice (as they have none in human society), rather than to represent our own ideologies and interests.

We seek to work under the following voluntary principles:

1. No one should be excluded from participation in animal rights activities based on their views on human issues. The non-human animals are in a situation of immediate emergency and need all the help they can get! Furthermore, the women’s rights, anti-racism, etc. movements have no requirement that participants reject species oppression and nor should the…

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Elephants, Tigers Kill One Human a Day in India


Endangered elephants and tigers are killing one person a day in India as humans put a growing squeeze on their habitat, according to new government figures.

But man is in turn killing a leopard a day as the man-animal tussle for space reaches new heights.

India has lost vast swathes of forests to urbanisation in recent decades, forcing animals into human-occupied zones.

According to the environment ministry, 1,144 people were killed in attacks across India in 1,143 days between April 2014 and May this year.

And there is no sign of the toll being cut.

The ministry said 345 tigers and 84 elephants were killed in the same period, mostly in poacher attacks. Elephants are targeted for their tusks.

Siddhanta Das, the ministry’s director general of forests, said human encroachment into animal territory was causing the deaths.

“We are running awareness campaigns to minimise the casualties,” Das told AFP.

Elephants accounted for 1,052 human deaths and tigers 92, according to the figures released to parliament last week.

West Bengal state accounted for more than a quarter of deaths. The eastern state has nearly 800 elephants and is also home to famed Bengal tigers.

Last year a herd of wild elephants went on an hours-long rampage in West Bengal, killing five people and damaging vehicles and homes before being subdued with tranquilliser darts.

But tensions are also mounting elsewhere across the country. An elephant trampled to death four people, including a 12-year-old girl, in a village in southern Tamil Nadu state in June.

There have also been cases of elephants knocking people off scooters.

Most attacks on humans by elephants take place in so-called elephant corridors which they have used for centuries but are now being overrun by humans.

According to National Crime Records Bureau statistics, nearly 950 people were killed in animal attacks in 2015. But those statistics did not specify the nature of the incidents.

India has nearly 30,000 elephants and is home to half the world’s tiger population with some 2,226 of the big cats roaming its reserves, according to the last official count in 2014. Both are endangered species.

“Rampant killing of wildlife is ongoing in India. Hundreds of leopards, tigers and elephants are killed for their body parts,” Tito Joseph of the Wildlife Protection Society of India told AFP.

Fatality figures for the estimated 12,000 to 14,000 leopards living in the wild are becoming alarming, according to a 2015 census.

More than 1,436 of the animals have been killed since January 2014, according to the WPSI.

There are no figures on the number of humans killed by leopards, but experts say there are hundreds each year.

by Jalees Andrabi / Yahoo! News

The Vegan ‘Beacon’ of light! by earthwiseone

Someone once said; “To the animals, people are worse by far than the Nazi’s”.

After all, how are the animals SUPPOSED to view us? Our civilization does things far worse, and on a far larger scale than the Nazi’s ever could’ve done.

Ergo; We’re the baaad guys…

But wait!

There is a ray of light shinning in the darkness. A glimmering of hope on the far horizon. A beacon of radiance struggling to counter the darkness-of-the-collective-soul that casts its sinister shadows across this world. A Shadow that seeks to obliterate all memories of a time of light and life unfettered by the mass-inculcated lies of a civilization that wishes to completely fill our minds with the asinine notion that ONE species (Homo Sapiens) is somehow entitled to subjugate, oppress, and otherwise fuck-with EVERY OTHER form of life on this ENTIRE PLANET!

Enter the Vegan!

A new and very ancient way of viewing our true place in this very very OLD world.

The Vegan. Not conned, fooled, or in any way buying into the stupid and mindless notion that WE are somehow ABOVE and ‘better’ than every other living being, and thus entitled to rule over all and maim, torture, or kill anything we please as long as it’s another species of life…

Plants and animals have their own forms of consciousness. In a truly liberated and enlightened social structure, ALL forms of life were/are revered and respected. The Indians knew this, and gave prayers of thanks for ALL the life forms they used in any way.

The Vegans are simply taking this another notch up the ladder. To all the animals trapped and imprisoned within the so called livestock ‘industry’, the Vegans are indeed a ‘beacon’ of light and hope.

The Vegans are to the animals as the advancing Allied forces in Europe were to the death camp prisoners of world war two…A beacon of hope in a VERY dark time.

So for those of you out there that have been jeering at vegans and posting disrespectful hate-posts that blather about all types of non vegan foods as a weapon of malice towards those that try to make this a real and decent vegan forum, I can only say that your karma is waiting for you. You foolishly believe people are at the top of the ‘food chain’? Got NEWS for you!

Try watching an old episode of the Twilight Zone, titled “To serve Man”.

Fiction? Or warning?

A BIG THANK YOU to all the vegans out there that together are growing into a beacon of light and hope for those countless animals still suffering extreme pain and misery within the Evil confines of our civilization’s ‘livestock industry’….