the myth of human the predator: Layla AbdelRahim

Feminist Primitivism

demonFirst there was the Word, then Came Civilization, and Crime & Reward from an Anarcho-Primitivist Perspective, by Layla AbdelRahim  exerpts:

Q: How would a society based on a different narrative work?

A: It’s not How it would work, but How it has worked. Because life on Earth goes back to billions of years. And that life was wild life. That species, and individuals within species, interacted in a diverse manner, their own manner, there was no anthropology, there was no geography, environmental science, or ethology to go observe and focus on one aspect that was disconnected. And that life, we were part of it and we are still part of it. Even today, in spite the 10,000 years of the domesticating or civilizing narrative, there still exist people, more and more difficult because of us, because we have taken over, but think of the nomads, think of the…

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