Layla AbdelRahim on Domestication

Feminist Primitivism

shoeAnimal Voices, October 11, 2013 radio interview with Layla AbdelRahim, an anthropologist, writer, researcher and public speaker who holds a PhD in comparative literature from the University of Montreal, Quebec:

Q: First I wonder if you can define for us domestication, what it is, and why humans domesticate other beings, what’s behind that, tell us the story.

A: Domestication, the term itself, implies sedentary relationships, domestic is from the dome, from the home, it defines humans in terms of sedentary settlement. If we look at the history of humanity, most animals, in a larger extent, usually have to be nomadic, there has to be movement, part of the definition of life is movement, so domestication as an epistemological concept… the minute you define a certain territory as belonging to one species, and you look at everything in that territory and then surrounding it, the environment, as existing as resource for…

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