the difference between a tool and a technology, facebook style

toolDimitri Douchin  What’s the difference between a tool and a technology? Justin Stout Ria Del Montana

Ria Del Montana very contentious question. depends on who you ask. what are your thoughts?

Dimitri Douchin What makes a bow and arrow a reasonable technology (a tool?) while cars less reasonable. I have a few criterea in mind: – ability to rebuild from ubiquitous materials – tool efficiency proportional to the human input – minimum impact on the “environment”, or none at all. I’m pretty happy with that. I thought I’d ask the pro rebels

Ria Del Montana i like your 3rd point the best. i might go with that to frame it as something like “-maintains or enhances co-adaption or symbiosis within habitat community.” thanks for challenging me to clarify thoughts on this.

Dimitri Douchin Ria Del Montana Do solar panels match that 3d point? In my understanding they don’t, and that bothers me, in the sense that I wish they did

Ria Del Montana my gut says no. that would have bothered me a while back, but i kinda gave up on the utopian notion of sustainable living without the primitive

Dimitri Douchin  Ria Del Montana Maybe that’s where I’m at now

Ria Del Montana  Dimitri Douchin hope i’m not causing you any utopia bursting pain

Dimitri Douchin I’m using your precious knowledge to implement my sense of utopia

Mike Mangion And by allowing people to use your precious knowledge you become the tool yourself which ticks the box of human input, as I do myself when teaching others pottery Dimitri and Ria.

Ria Del Montana wow, i feel like i’m on some kinda spiraling shroom trip. this is getting way deep! Anyone object to me posting this thread on my blog?

Justin Stout I like this.. “Technology is more than wires, silicon, plastic, and steel. It is a complex system involving division of labor, resource extraction, and exploitation for the benefit of those who implement its process. The interface with and result of technology is always an alienated, mediated, and distorted reality. Despite the claims of postmodern apologists and other technophiles, technology is not neutral. The values and goals of those who produce and control technology are always embedded within it. Technology is distinct from simple tools in many regards. A simple tool is a temporary usage of an element within our immediate surroundings used for a specific task. Tools do not involve complex systems which alienate the user from the act. Implicit in technology is this separation, creating an unhealthy and mediated experience which leads to various forms of authority. Domination increases every time a new “time-saving” technology is created, as it necessitates the construction of more technology to support, fuel, maintain and repair the original technology. This has led very rapidly to the establishment of a complex technological system that seems to have an existence independent from the humans who created it. Discarded by-products of the technological society are polluting both our physical and our psychological environments. Lives are stolen in service of the Machine and the toxic effluent of the technological system’s fuels—both are choking us. Technology is now replicating itself, with something resembling a sinister sentience. Technological society is a planetary infection, propelled forward by its own momentum, rapidly ordering a new kind of environment: one designed for mechanical efficiency and technological expansionism alone. The technological system methodically destroys, eliminates, or subordinates the natural world, constructing a world fit only for machines. The ideal for which the technological system strives is the mechanization of everything it encounters.”

Ria Del Montana such good writing, on such a bad topic. Justin, can I have permission to post this on one of my blogs?

Dimitri Douchin   Justin Stout I remember that you posted this paragraph recently, and it’s that paragraph that triggered this questioning




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