Domestication makes ya dumb and sick, says study. (paraphrased)

Feminist Primitivism

domesticationSome quotes from the article:

The general combination of traits in domesticated mammals is an ensemble that we will refer to as the “domestication syndrome” (DS) […] In this article, we will present a new hypothesis about the nature and origin of the DS, proposing that the unifying feature underlying its diverse traits is their shared developmental connection via neural crest cells, the multipotent stem cells that arise in vertebrate embryos from the dorsal part of the neural tube.

As the brief review above makes clear, the main morphological components of the DS can all be explained by the derivation of the affected tissues from neural crest. […]

A wide range of genes are known to play crucial roles in neural crest specification, migration, and postmigratory interactions. Given the biological importance of NCC-derived tissues, it is unsurprising that knockouts of these genes are frequently lethal in the homozygous organism…

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