Jake on land as property

The hunter, the baddest, meanest motherfucker in all the land took by force and slayed all who stood up to him… He enslaved his neighbors and started hoarding resources, “issuing” what he thought was appropriate as reward for their loyal service. Because he could not be beaten, the people he ruled over deified him; this is what we call “birth of religion”. The “royal bloodline” was started, the family expanded and controlled many “territories”. They spread through the land conquering and killing and enslaving and recruiting bastards to wield the swords for them. The “divine right to rule” was imposed first, then assumed later and now, for the most part, goes unquestioned today… This is because tribal peoples have been hunted and enslaved, those who questioned took their questions to their graves and only the subservient were spared to repopulate…





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