Vegan vs. Anarcho-Primitivism vs. VegAnarcho-Primitivism

{This is a first draft. Feel free to send feedback or suggestions.}

Vegan – (prevailing mindset) Our early ancestors may or may not have eaten meat, but it doesn’t matter now because meat is no longer necessary. The fact that a plant diet is the healthiest diet says everything about our biology’s intention. The science is solid on how damaging meat is to our bodies and the planet. To keep talking about our ancestral diet is just a distraction.

The bottom line is that farming animals is harming nature and the leading driver of Earth’s 6th Mass Extinction. Further, a culture the includes intentionally harming animals, such as hunting, is bound to be a culture of violence. Humans need to adapt a vegan diet to live more peacefully with all life.

Anarcho-Primitivism– (prevailing mindset) From the time out of the trees our ancestors subsisted by foraging plants and safe to assume meat in the form of insects, small lizards, eggs, etc. This proves that meat is our natural diet. No indigenous people ever have survived without meat. Hunting and eating animals is a sacred circle of life of which we are a part. Humans living primitively have a place in the wild and contribute to it by increasing biodiversity, etc.

Earth’s biotic communities were generally thriving with primitive humans until the advent of agriculture sparked civilization. Our species began domesticating animals, plants, and ourselves on a path of nature obliteration. Rewilding ourselves back into hunter-gatherers is the only way to avoid ecocide.

Humans living wildly in egalitarian, nomadic bands are healthier and happier than civilized humans. Primitive humans are a part of thriving wild, while veganism is an artifact of civilization that masks the change toward sustainability truly needed, a future primitive.

VegAnarcho-Primitivism – (this writer’s mindset) Evidence suggests that the earliest hominin diet was folio-frugivore, and that we likely started adopting scavenging meat, and then hunting, during times of fast environmental changes to survive. But no matter, as with all ancestral practices, we today decide which to abandon and which to emulate. A human diet including meat has demonstrated that it is likely a major factor leading to human supremacy, domination and destruction over the planet that needs to stop so we can try to live more in balance with other life.

Hunting wiped out our predators. Further, a series of early inventions removed natural limits allowing early humans to expand across the planet. The series of catalysts, all the way back to controlled fire, led to humans disconnecting from our animality and homeostatic life. We are now aware that our species severely altered almost all life communities. We have a responsibility to protect remaining wild places, restore what can be restored, and stop our destructive ways. We can look to and draw from our ancestors to learn from the ways they lived more in balance with Earth’s biota and abiota to rewild Earth, and in the process rewild ourselves.


Let’s get some land and…

Vegan – Sanctuary for farm animals bought at auctions with donated monies. Veganic permaculture farm with wwoofers to grow food for ourselves and the animals, and volunteers from the city to help care for the animals.

Anarcho-Primitivism– Primitive hunters’ paradise. Workshops on primitive skills.

VegAnarcho-Primitivism – Protect the ecosystem from human onslaught, with a small portion set aside as a food forest for stewards to forage. Sanctuary for Earth & Animal activists smashing civilization. Clearing house for restoration ecology practices & events.





One thought on “Vegan vs. Anarcho-Primitivism vs. VegAnarcho-Primitivism

  1. I’ve been following for a while, and always find your ideas thought provoking and worth consideration. I tend to gravitate to sustainability as the only bar needing met, but certainly, trying to discover our connection to the world prior to fire/meat/stories, etc. are worth exploring.


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