in Anarchy Radio w/ John Zerzan fb page

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*** I love this
*** “Until I realized that there was no ethical consumption in capitalism, I was opposed to pressure against nonhuman animals, womens, children, natives and nature. I am not now.” That’s just rubbish
*** Ki roto i te ipupara. Into the rubbish bin. Such a silly meme.
*** There are valid issues that chronically go under the radar. This particular issue is just divisive. Why should animals sacrifice their lives to you because of the invention of capitalism?
***Anarchy radio did you censor me?
Ria Del Montana to understand the lack of logic, try this: I ate meat until I realised there is no ethical consumption under capitalism.
Ria Del Montana the only edit i can think of to make it logical: i consumed until i realized there is no ethical consumption under capitalism.
Ria Del Montana veganism =/= consumerism any more than eating meat does
Ria Del Montana consumerism is bad, so criticize veganism instead of this
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***Let me call out the most daring thing here. Don’t censor me again btw. “This jacket has petroleum products in it.”
*** that’s like “I drove a compact car until I realized there is no ethical transportation under capitalism, so now I drive a hummer”
Ria Del Montana McAnprims smashing hummers is like fascists smashing bank windows
Ria Del Montana so many lonely anprims. how long will it take for anprims to drop the feminist backlash? “Even the term ‘hunter-gatherer’ has rightly been criticised by feminist archaeologists who in the 1970s and 1980s argued that ‘gatherer-hunter’ would be a more appropriate nomen given that in most groups women provided the majority of food that sustained them. ”…

Ria Del Montana doesn’t it make more sense for McAnprims to redirect their critique to more sensible, guilty targets?

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