Everyone is Vegan

Berry Bridget

I have been thinking about people’s relationship to veganism and I have trouble with people thinking veganism is extreme or weird. To me, it is the most natural way to live. Killing animals for any reason is weird and extreme to me. I believe that everyone is born vegan, but society changes us.

We are all inherently vegan. No infant cries after leaving the womb asking for animals to be killed so they can eat. Children love animals and would never want to hurt them. It’s exemplified in the story of leaving a child in the room with an apple and a rabbit. The child would eat the apple and pet the rabbit.

Eating animals is a practice that is engrained in our culture. It is not something we do instinctually. Most people think that we have a killer instinct, yet we don’t live like lions or wolves. We are meant to…

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