Dear Jensen, Abbey, Shepard, etc-styled hunters,

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How heavy must be the burden of love for animals while needlessly killing and eating man-made ‘prey’. No lode of wild rituals or myths or stirring writings or reasons can bury nature’s truth, ease the tension, cleanse the spirit. Every human is born naturally disturbed and distraught by the act of harming animals. There is a reason babes need be ‘broken in’ to it.

Imagine a child born into fruitarianism presented with invitation to slaughter and eat an animal. How would that compare to the reaction of a child born into colonialism (pictured above) presented with invitation to gather and eat fruit? What happens when the natural reaction of disgust toward animal slaughter is silenced, marginalized, left no room to live but deep in an alterconscious?

Paul Shepard led the restoration of mines and farmland back to their pristine tallgrass prairie and ponds with indigenous aquatic flora and fauna. Derrick Jensen un-dams dams for salmon and calls others to act. Edward Abbey inspired liberation fronts to give Earth back to all wildlife. All this while slaughtering animals with their own hands and ingesting them.

Further, many of today’s ‘rewilding’ hunters become Takers, not even bothering to attempt to ‘feed the loop’. They hunt and eat ecosystems to their degradation and demise, following the footsteps of our species’ most destructive ancestry while denouncing it as something ‘other’. Tell a true story of vegan wildists or ecosystem revivers that doesn’t match Earth colonizer ways and brace for the attack.

Our animal killing ways have brought Earth to her knees. How will the madness end?

distraughtly, ria


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