Some Thoughts On The Potential For New Life Amidst Death.


“The Flow that never stops,

In which all things are dissolved,

And feet always discover the icy thrill that jumps into the gut

That accompanies the experience of the New.

We are and are not.”  Ramon Elani 

I’ve been thinking about my potential to be a father recently. In my book Feral Consciousness: Deconstruction of the Modern Myth and Return to the Woods I present an argument for radical environmentalism based in an individualist anarchist philosophy, that places life, as a process of self-actualising and will to power, tied to Being as being-in-the-world-as-wildness within a multiplicity, as the basis of all argument. And, from this outlook, I’ve found the idea of fathering children to be an important aspect of my own embrace of life, as part of my immediate biological-animality/power-in-the-world, and as a means of effecting the world in ways I find desirable – I would raise my children in…

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