Fuck. I know this is a very unpopular opinion but…

… Am I the only one who get repulsed by the domestication of animals and the glorification of “pets” through selfish human tendencies? You know, those yuppies who spend a bunch of money on a thorough bred dog to be apart of the “aw, cute dog” club only for the animal to rot in their condos while they work, prolonging their life through modern medicine. We already see what that does to us. Why on earth would we think that would be best for an animal? Whatever happened to natural selection? Why can’t we rewild said animals and let them breed and die in the wild, as intended? Why did we have to strip everything away from them just to fulfill our own selfish desires? The same people are those who prefer one animal over the other simply based on how they behave with humans. Some people hate cats because they don’t require human attention all the damn time. Others hate dogs because of their inability to distinguish good from bad. Why would an animal know what’s good or bad? It doesn’t know shit about human objects. It’s an animal! You’re going to hate on your own pet you ultimately brought and adopted into this world just because it doesn’t have the desired personality trait you require. It’s fucked. You don’t love it. It doesn’t love you. You don’t know what love is and neither does the animal! You can’t speak for it. It doesn’t know anything else in the world BUT YOU so of course it’s going to stick with you. People who use animals as a tool are cruel regardless if it’s for mental, emotional, or physical reasons. An animal is not an accessory! It’s a living organism! To throw in a well known quote, if you love something set it free.                       Ryan Wendell

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