Let’s remember where we started.

Sky Hiatt  …We are talking about eating meat and the impact that may have had on us as a species and how it altered human history and thus the planet. The use of weapons changed everything. As aggression and weapons were so consistently effective against tools and plowshares, warlike empires rose on the ruins of passive nations and the use of force exploited a violent reconditioning of the cultural mind. These formidable invasive societies altered almost every aspect of existing cultural paradigms until, as Raine Eisler writes in “The Chalice and the Blade”

Concepts of normalcy shifted.” And “a completely new replicative social code was imprinted in the mind of every single man, woman and child until their ideas of reality had been completely transformed.

As Homer said, “The blade itself incites to violence.” Not only that, but weapons worked to generate a masculinized worldview marginalizing women and their more lenient tendencies.


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