writings of ian drew forsyth

Featured Short Stories

The Corporation Called the World  Billionaire hedge funder Alexander Vandachild grapples with his conscience


The New Male  New Age masculinity is called into question at a southern California retreat

A Wastrel World  The last days of a wastrel


Other Novels

3 Young Cool (2006)

In Anarchy Country (2010)

The Mystic Toychest (2013)

Free Mystics (2013)

Novel Currently Seeking A Publisher For

The Great Chaining of Being

Three bohemians from the past struggle to assert their vision of utopia against an encroaching technological future. Through many lives, from the avant-garde cafes of 20s Paris to the artist collectives of contemporary Berlin, they will offer an alternative to the digitally immortal, eternally young, and infinitely free future. A future that happens to be consuming the past in order to exist.

The Great Chaining of Being, a 65,000 word novel, blends historical and contemporary fiction with science fiction and dark fantasy. Its distinct variety of style and genre as well as its multiple first-person narratives, make it similar to works such as David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas and Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman. However, instead of primarily focusing on stock characters or supernatural narrators, The Great Chaining of Being is told by history’s most dissident poets, philosophers, artists, and revolutionaries.

Read Chapter One



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