— Black Bloc Indignation


What I want liberals to know about the black bloc is that it’s not something that anarchists created, but something oppression created.

Resistance to oppression is not something socially-constructed, but results from something objective in the human psyche that is an innate consequence of oppression. Evolution put that innate cognitive mechanism in place, and only fools and capitalists argue with nature.

The ruling-class may get to decide how to create many manifestations of oppression, but they can never decide how resistance will manifest.

When you don’t see the black bloc in the US, you’d better worry, because that means democracy is suppressed.

The black bloc is a tactic that transcends any one group of people. Its a style of expression adopted by those whose foundational compassion is so entrenched that they feel deep indignation over affronts to the oppressed wherever they are.

When you don’t see the black bloc in the US, you’d better worry, because that means the expression of that which is responsible for the survival of humanity has been squelched by authoritarianism.

You might imagine you can limit how I express my indignation, but that’s a fools game. The black bloc exists to remind you of natures wishes. The resistance emerges in the presence of oppression is a deterministic response of human cognition. It’s not an idea that gets put in your head by other people, it’s an idea that gets put in your head from your body.

If you happen to think that oppression is not so bad in the US and so we don’t need the black bloc, you don’t ‘get it’. There are those who feel pain over the subjugation and murder of people by US policies elsewhere that you never see.

You see us, but we are merely proxies. What we express with the black bloc is only a symbolic expression of what emerges naturally throughout the world.

We are a necessary expression of an intrinsic warning system of humanity. The black bloc is there to remind you that behavior has consequences.

You can embrace it, ignore it, or side with oppression and diminish it, but you need to know what it is. It is an expression of compassion, and you will never get to determine how that is expressed by groups of like minded people, should you mistakenly decide that is a power you possess.

#blackbloc #solidarity #generativity


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