The People’s of all Hoops

Deborah Redding Hannah First Peoples of Turtle Island, continental No America, tended wild gardens for 10,000 years nurturing the ecosystems. Their wild gardens were managed with wisdom and intent. The land, plants. and animals benefited from this gentle cultivation. Please do not make the mistake of the invading settlers in assuming the Indigenous Peoples had not enhanced the bounty of whichever Hoop they roamed. If you have the knowledge and eyes to see, the ancient gardens can be found wherever these last hundreds of years of abuse haven’t destroyed them. Land management practices by BLM, & Forest Service, have served the interests of ranchers intentionally stomping out native food and medicine plants with their cattle, and the farmers outright stole the land, plowed up the native plants, and started monoculture. The People’s of all Hoops were put in concentration camps. forbidden to leave (until the 1970’s, Native Americans still had to check out, giving your concentration camp number, where you were going. and returning). Not only were Natives in reservations prohibited to go visit their homeland, it “belonged” to the invaders. The land and gardens that remain suffer for the absence of their humans’ gentle care. It is even illegal to gather the native seed, and plant it back, in most of their plants’ native range. Now, most First Peoples have lost knowledge of their own plants, what they look like, how to tend them. that their Hoops even existed, and that remnants remain. There are some people Rewilding, Planting Back. Wildtending … the few remaining strongholds of plants in their endangered ecosystems are resources for seed. The lands have been waiting for people with knowledge and gentle hands. If you care, share this knowledge, but only with those of good intent. During the shame of this election process, I actually saw a sign saying “I’m glad we stole your land and killed your grandparents”. The USA’s hundreds of year old policies of genocide and ecoside are alive and thriving. Please be wary, but please share with those willing to help. Mni Waconi – Water is Life.

Growing Up in Occupied America

Here are the collected writings of Finisia Medrano, visionary bundle carrier of the Sacred Hoops and traditional life ways from the First Nations of the Great Basin. Her stories and teachings offer a glimpse into an almost forgotten way of walking in beauty with the land. Includes memoirs, manifesto, visions, essays, photography and poetry. This book is captivating and bursting with raw emotional prose drawing from a lifetime of rewilding in the face of the industrial age. For more information on her work, check out her youtube channel

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