Welcome to Feral Farm!

One of the largest, off-grid, forest garden homesteads, while listening to stories of the wild foraging traditions of indigenous people in all continents.  

We are an Agroforestry Project located in the North Cascade Mountains.
We have been pioneering new lifeways in harmony with our environment since Fall of 1997.

We take our inspiration from the likes of Masanobu Fukuoka, Sepp Holzer, Mark Shepard, and Martin Crawford,
as well as the indigenous tribes of the area.  Through long-term observation, we are developing food production models devoid of outside inputs.  Our goal is to create a highly productive agroforestry food system that also provides the
ecological functions of a forest. 
We believe horticultural societies provided the most diversity and thus
represent a peak in the human experience and its relationship to the natural world. 

Not domesticated, but not fully wild… we aim for a middle path. 








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