Eco-egoist Presentism and Involutionary Politics


The contemporary Left, be it in the liberal “progressive” faction or the Marxist-Socialist wing, has allowed itself to be caged in a psycho-symbolic prison of second-order-signs, surmounting to pure simulacra and simulation; rendering its discussion and action devoid of anything of actual relevance to overcoming the conditions of the immediate-present-present. If we are to overcome any of the challenges that we face in our immediate-present-present, such as those of racism, patriarchy and ecological collapse, we must abandon, or at the very least see beyond, this caged-consciousness. I shall attempt to address what of this I can over the following, but this meagre analysis will not nearly surmount to the required intensity of iconoclastic spirit this endeavour requires/deserves. I intend for it to, perhaps, serve as something to aid some in their fire-craft work, to burn away this iconography that keeps us psychically chained.

This prison can be seen particularly through…

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