Do hunters “reduce the overpopulation of forest animals” ?

…completely false argument used by hunters to continue their barbaric unnecessary killing, and wildlife agencies that don’t care about wildlife at all except the money they’re making. Wildlife managers use the term “overabundant” instead of overpopulated to make people believe that certain animal species need to be reduced. This is a way for agencies to promote hunting. These agencies only have financial incentives and are funded through sales of hunting licenses and will always have the intent to manage animals as a source for money. Populations of forest animals only become excessive because of hunting. Take deer for example, hunters kill mature male deer/bucks which leaves the female deer/does alone. One buck can breed with multiple does so hunting reduces the number of male deer, but not the number of offspring. This causes a big change in the natural 1:1 ratio of male and female deer to 1:8 which is one male for every eight females. Also many agencies actually increase the deer population by clear cutting sections of forests to create what’s called an “edge habitat” which is most preferred by deer because it creates production of food plants. These agencies also lease lands to farmers who plant deer-preferred crops so deer will be fed more and can reproduce more. All animals will self-regulate. Nature knows what to do. It is us who are destroying it’s balance.
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