What began over ten thousand years ago when we began domesticating plants, animals and even certain insects, to meet food demands, and from there led to the deforestation of the lands of Mesopotamia and beyond in order to meet the needs of agriculture, what meant the forcing of other peoples and free-living animals off the land wanted, has continued to this very day.

The infrastructure of industrial civilization surrounds, envelops, and teaches us to embody its qualities. It’s modern totality is the magnum opus of the domestication set out upon less than a dozen millennia ago, and we are it’s equally insane offspring, each generation’s pathology more dysfunctional than the last.

As social beings, the disassociated conventions of industrial civilized life have never come naturally, and these impositions into and upon our lives have induced massive, collective trauma, upon the earth and her sentient beings – The Animals and other just as important creatures.

A species conditioned to deny and or ignore the pain of others who are perceived as food, why did the so called “homo sapien” grow up to be like this, we are not wise at all, claiming we are progressive and civilized, free thinking and advanced!. Do people really believe this, how can the “human” not see how it relates to the earth, and to other animals, what the fuck went wrong, do they not see the destruction that we cause as a whole, how is this even possible, that this is not understood!
It is so obvious to me that we are consuming the planet. Even when the consumer of meat products are presented with the evidence in reports. With just over 7 billion consumers – how can we not have an effect on the planet!

The animal agriculture industry is one of the causes of global degradation, there is overwhelming evidence to show this, and if the consumer can not simply look and to see the earth is in turmoil, then it’s in my understanding that this “homo sapien” (in latin means wise man) is simply stupid and there is no fucking cure for this illness.

Where’s the integrity in these statements.

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