The modern day promises us a flood of freedoms and landfill of opportunities to grow big. This is the most accepted thesis. Material extravagence via the markets; freedom of speech guaranteed by the state; happiness abounds.

Huxley predicted the ages to come, will live under the illusions of being free.


1. The present day god – technology. The mass media: TV, social media, newspapers will manufacture consent of the masses. We will agree to whatever these mediums blabber. They will feed is with ideas that serve the interest of those in power ( PROPAGANDA) Political power will use media to create charismatic leaders, sell us nationalist jingoism, fill our minds with narrow religiosity, paternistic love etc. They will make us  vote for the most well marketed people who will manipulate power for their own ends.corporate giants will also use massmedia to brainwash us to buy  anything as distractions. There will…

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