reconnect, regenerate, resist, rewild

photo by Michelle Johnsen

You’ll know when they’re close because the birds will stop singing.

And they’ll plow through the forest with frightening speed with no thought of possible predators lurking in the shadows, desperate to get out of the way of the ones who don’t belong.

And you’ll sit, or lie flat on your belly with ear pressed to earth, feeling the thump of your own heart pounding in your chest for a long time until your fingertips are stiff with cold and you dwell somewhere between asleep and awake.

Until the birds come back in,

cautiously at first, and then confidently, and resume their perching and searching for food, and their clear and perfect singing.

And then you’ll know you’re safe,  un-caught,

Alive and victorious.

Part of a new tribe of

wild rebel warriors.

Living off the land,

fighting for the earth.

Thank you for listening,




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