…I sure the hell wish them well

There is, of course, no way out of what we face, far less an easy one. And with all due respect to darbikrash, his dialectical materialist analysis will no more resurrect our dying world than the Right’s messiah of a president-elect will. All we can do now is continue to love the wild with all our heart, strength and might, weep for her. and stand for her in our own family and community. We can denounce and renounce the values of the dominant culture; we can speak the counternarrative of truth. And we can die with our personal integrity intact. That may be as heroic as any of us can ever hope to be. Zeo! The earth WILL win in the end. And if the only ones who inherit the earth are the human-hostile bacteria, I sure the hell wish them well.

F. Elaine Anderson


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