A World of Rape – why we must leave civilization behind (a metaphor)


Imagine that all of civilization is a single small village. Of course, it is much larger, but I will give you a simple metaphor. Civilization is more complex than my metaphor only by multiplication. I will explain,

For now, let us imagine that the only harmful behavior in this village is prostitution. Nearly all the women in the village must to work as sexual slaves for the men so that they can eat. And they are not allowed to leave. They are the property of their slavers. The payment they are given is really only ‘upkeep’ on property, so that this use and abuse can continue.

Let us imagine finally that this village depended on prostitution as if all the women manage to run away, most of the men would leave and go off alone or in small groups, and there is no village left. So actually, the reason for being, for this village, is sexual slavery. This is Rape Town.

Now let us consider the arguments of the man that says something similar to this:

“I know Rape Town is wrong. Rape is unforgivable, and the formation of this town was the worst mistake ever. I will no longer taking any part in the rape. But I don’t want to leave, and I think I can be happy just making some kind of a life in whatever way I can”

This means the man is OK with a life among rapists, where rape is common and the “only way”. Also this man supporting and ‘legitimizing’ Rape Town.

Now, by multiplication, civilization is Rape World. And exact same reasoning (as of the man who want to stay in Rape Town) is said, for all the harms that go on, which so many people ‘turn a blind eye’ toward. As well as rape and prostitution there are many types of slavery, destroying environments, cruelty to animals, ‘transitioning’ children, drugging and poisoning people, trying to turn people into machines, and many more. You probably know about all but don’t like to think about it.

So my question is for those people who say that they can see that it’s bad but won’t leave: how can you be happy in Rape World?




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