1 million every 4.5 days

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Population Matters

One million new humans are added to this finite planet as net growth every 4.5 days. All will require habitat destruction for their housing, consumption, agriculture, fuel/energy etc. 

Almost everywhere on the internet has become a circus, a Gong Show of mediocrity, cynicism, sarcasm and stupidity – over rationalized rhetoric.
Homo sapiens in latin means “wise man”. Is this some kind of joke.
WE march forward with a contrived notion of progress, not in the slightest a natural reality, as fast as we regress we are losing our way with every step we take.
On the fringes of civil society, hidden in the animal agriculture “farms” of this great industry, are the suffering spirits of our ignored and invisible crimes we commit collectively on a daily base against nature!
A techno-industrial circus clown dancing around, with a scientific report in hand and or his traditional practises, who believes he is a “wise man”, pretending to fight for environment but not nature, a band-aid of the superficial, with no intention of changing the food it eats.
The degradation we have caused will not be solved by creating more products, solutions that need more resources, of plastic, glass and steel, etc. Industrial society is incapable of solving its problems that it has created with the use of industry, in a coherent sense this is an oxymoron. Industrial society needs to collapse in order for the degradation to stop, and therefore the human population will also decrease as a result or cease to exist .

Kærry Redwood Atjecoutay


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