the unquestionable culture of hunting

Credit to Captain Paul Watson for this report.

50 Whales Die For Nothing At the Hands of Faroese Thugs!

Some 50 Whales died today for absolutely no reason except to satisfy the perversely foul blood lust of the Faroese serial killers.

The whales were driven in, slaughtered and discarded because of the presence of whale lice on their bodies. The bodies will now be discarded and dumped at sea to rot, along with the previously discarded carcasses of past victims.

You see the Faroese don’t mind the fact that the whale meat is contaminated with mercury and PCB’s. You can’t see the poison and it requires a modicum of imagination to understand the danger and this is a threat that has failed to concern the whalers. However a few tiny bugs crawling around sends them into fits of histrionic hysteria and in response they abandon the corpses.

I wonder if their ancestors were so picky and were such pathetic whiners. This illustrates that what their ancestors once did out of necessity is now nothing more than an excuse for them to slaughter whales for sport and amusement.

The Faroese are not poor. They have the highest per capita income in Europe. They do not need to slaughter whales. They do it because they enjoy doing it and this makes them a cruel bunch of sadistic killers.

This kill and this cavalier discard of the bodies illustrates just how sick this Grindadrap really is.

A family of some fifty whales that yesterday were swimming freely and happily now lie mutilated and rotting – for no acceptable reason.

This is a crime most foul and degenerate, insensitive and horrific.

The Faroese say we are being unfair to them, that we do not understand nor respect their “culture.” If this is their culture they are correct, we do not understand or accept this sick and wasteful massacre as anything deserving of respect.


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