Make America Great Again: Romanticism In The Age Of Cosmic Pessimism — eco-revolt

Julian Langer: …”So with no real change in our enemy, what do we feral beings who ally ourselves with the living world, in revolt and resistance against this culture, do?

The answer is simple and obvious. We see this for what it is – a nothingness. We see this as the nothingness it is and continue doing whatever processes/projects we’re engaged with as acts of revolt and resistance.

Whether it’s work on the ground, like hunt sabbing or those fighting to stop the Dakota access pipeline. Whether it’s learning and teaching wildcraft skills. Whether it is writing, media projects or campaigning. Whether it’s above ground or underground. Whatever it is food not bomb stalls or setting up info-shops. Whatever you’re doing, just continue and let this wash over you – and if you’re not engaged in acts of revolt or resistance, in the collapse of civilisation and amidst the horror that is the biosphere after 10,000 years of this culture, what else is there really to be doing?

In iconoclastic fury and wild passion, the only thing to do at this stage is to defend what we love and to defy what we hate. We must be resilient and defiant to the end. Poetically creative and dynamic in all we do. Honest and cynical throughout. We must unleash all that domestication seeks to cage, in the actualisation of our wild-authenticity – a feral becoming in will to life…”


via Make America Great Again: Romanticism In The Age Of Cosmic Pessimism — eco-revolt


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