Once upon a time in DogLand (i.e. Earth)…

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Yes, I have a dog. My dog. I have property now. I am a property owner now. Now, I have responsibilities. I feed my dog, this means I am an animal lover. No one has to question that. This means I must be OK, kind even! People can now talk to me in the street much more easily (coz I have a dog now) as I walk to and from Dog Shit Alley. We can talk to each other about our dogs. We talk about our as if they were our children or grand-children. I am never lonely now I have a dog. If my dog behaves (as I want him to) he will be treated well by me. Anyway, these days, you gotta have a dog. So many locals have a dog these dogs. More and more dogs began to appear over a couple of summers. There is now an area known as “Dog Shit Alley!” It’s where we owners take our dogs “to do their business.” We are responsible owners you mustn’t doubt that. The public have by and large, stopped walking down that path, which didn’t always have the name “Dog Shit Alley.” Somehow, our presence became too much for the dog-less walkers although some of those dog-less walkers have now joined Us! “Us, The Dog Walkers.” There are lots of skirmishes as dogs square up to one another and not all owners take their shit away with them!!! Sometimes the dogs do bother people who are minding their own business. They will invade a person’s personal space. However, we don’t think of those private people that often and well, the dogs mean no harm. I have heard some people swear at some of the dogs and threaten to kick them but, by and large, I like to think, well it is my belief that 99% of those people whom we disturb are OK with that really! We’ve all got to get along in the world, right?

In fact, I have heard that the early dog walkers: the pioneers, who colonised this path, have moved on due to the sheer number of new owners. Some owners have more than one dog now. Others have pedigree dogs. You could argue there is now an element of competition now when I go dog-walking. The pioneers, they have gone to colonise another area I don’t doubt.

The End



One thought on “Once upon a time in DogLand (i.e. Earth)…

  1. The pioneers remember the pups they buried and found a love for soil that led them to planting things and then they said why not plant whole eco-villages instead of just plants. And when the world collapsed, when capitalism and stealing from other parts of the world through strength in numbers wasn’t enough, they were the pioneers of the new world. In their ignorance they were owners but in their love they found places they called home all on their own!


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