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IMG_0394Here we are now–as a species–by the ledge looking out over clear cuts,
acidified lakes and oceans, depleted soil and polluted air.
160-200 species went extinct today, 160-200 species went extinct yesterday & 160-200 species will go extinct tomorrow. As more and more data suggests we, the industrial civilised humans, have caused the start of the sixth great mass extinction on Earth not individually but as a collective. Civilisation is killing the planet. Civilisation is killing our home.
Civilisation murders us.
We can have guessing games if it will take ten years, twenty years or a hundred years before civilisation will finish us off.
It does not really matter. As a species, it will be a tough future, we already have it tough and of course we can’t forget about other animals who suffer on a daily basis in factory farms, vivisection labs, or involuntary imprisoned at zoos being spectacles…

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