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“Vegetarians have their environmental argument against today’s mass-produced beef right: The highly industrialized way in which we raise most cattle is both unhealthy and extremely unsustainable. The irony of all of this is that the very prairie we destroyed to grow grains to feed cattle was already the perfect, natural habitat for raising healthy, happy cows virtually for free. But here’s where the vegetarian argument ends: Whether you feed the corn to livestock or people doesn’t matter. Plowing the soil is the problem; not who eats the crops.”

Grass Fed Beef and Global Warming | Small Footprint Family

Scientists and ranchers alike see managed grazing as the best solution to…  smallfootprintfamily.com|By Small Footprint Family

Anon https://veganarchoprimitivism.com/correcting-the…/ and that’s not even talking about a fruitarian diet which is much more sustainable.

Correcting the ‘Vegetarian Myth’ The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith Corrections to Some of the Many Errors and Misconceptions The Claim:… veganarchoprimitivism.com

Deep Green Resistance Industrialized meat production is very destructive and that’s how most of us get meat in this culture. It is barbaric and causes tremendous environmental problems in addition to the problems of transporting it. But we have not always raised animals in a cruel way and it can be sustainable. A fruitarian diet is just not feasible for most people on the planet without also shipping it from other areas, Humans need meat for the nutrients found in it and have always eaten a varied diet that includes meat, We would suggest you read Lierre Keith’s The Vegetarian Myth for a much more comprehensive answer.

 Ria Del Montana Deep Green Resistance You say, “But we have not always raised animals in a cruel way” Cruel by whose standards, ours or the animals we captured, kept & slaughtered? You say, ” A fruitarian diet is just not feasible for most people on the planet without also shipping it from other areas,” A grass fed meat diet is not sustainable for most people on the planet without also shipping. So we agree that Earth is overpopulated with humans. You say, “Humans need meat for the nutrients found in it.” Come on, really? Wonder how we vegans remain to stay alive & outlive you meat eaters. I’ve never supplemented in my 15 years of vegan. You say, “and have always eaten a varied diet that includes meat,” May be a very popular meat-bias myth, but not true. You say, “We would suggest you read Lierre Keith’s The Vegetarian Myth for a much more comprehensive answer.” Really? Really? Even average intelligence meat eaters know better than to cite that babble as a credible source.

Anon Deep Green Resistance thank you for answering. I do agree that a fruitarian diet is not feasible sustainably in some parts of earth, though it is for many. but the claim that it is not feasible for most people is outrageous and is unsupported by evidence. the claim that humans need meat for nutrients is also false, and there is lots of evidence to support this. I would have expected from DGR to not use the dogmatic argument of “people have always done X, therefore it is a reasonable thing to do”. first of all the knowledge we have about what people were actually doing in most of prehistory is very limited. and actually, there is literally no knowledge about the way of life before the usage of tools. second, we are currently living in a specific historic context and what people were doing for certain reasons in certain times does not automatically mean it is the best thing to be doing now. I mean, you are the ones talking about how most land was once a thriving forest. have you even ever tried foraging w/o meat? have you experienced the primitive nature of wandering and gathering as a tribe? have you experienced nature completely unmediated, as in no fire, no tools etc? according to my experience it is a much more connected way of interaction with nature. the bottom line is that for some reason, you are unwilling to be open for radical thought about meat consumption and the broader political, ecological and social baggage it carries. from a by standers point of view it looks like you have romanticized a certain image of what the anti-civ ideology should look like.

Anon Read the book suggested: The Vegetarian Myth. Then let’s talk.

Ria Del Montana ok, let’s talk (no reply)

Anon And you romanticize living in nature. Nature would kill most people in a day.

Anon Nature is my friend I am so happy that I get to forage edible foods. I eat some stuff from the store but I a getting closer to being totally self sufficient. Sometimes I go a week without meat. It is hard to imagine being totally vegan. I believe this all plays into culture and what is socially acceptable when most people make conscious food decisions. I do not like to think that I am eating a creature that suffered unimaginable conditions though and that in itself is enough to make me avoid meat from a store. I have not read the books that are being spoken of, I was reading the comments and responded with my opinion

Anon In the book does it touch on cutting the throats of sentient beings…or is cutting the throat of a sentient being ok as long as their life has been nice.. Also are you in possession of a governance over animals certificate or do you do it just cause you can…Hmmmmmmm

Anon I see you are taking a contrary view to all the major dietetic associations around the world. For example the American Dietetic Association clearly states that a vegan diet is healthy in all stages of life, including pregnancy. They also say the vegan diet may protect against many diseases such as heart disease. Diabetes and many cancers. Do you reject this science or are you basing your view on one study that reassures your belief. My view is you currently support unnecessary exploitation, abuse and killing, not to mention the overwhelming evidence that meat in particular is an environmental disaster.

Anon I am disappointed that you see this dubious book as enough reason to deny all the copious research that vegetarian and vegan diets can be extremely healthy, not to mention just as many studies that suggest eating meat and dairy can be extremely harmful. As a vegan all I need to do is be mindful of my B12 intake yet as a meat eater I had a long list of things I needed to be mindful about. I believe all diets are imperfect but loads of people choose veganism for excellent reasons and prove it can be done in a very healthy way.

Anon I’m from a place where hardly no one is vegan and there is not a lot of vegan products in the stores around here . We live in a secluded area also and don’t get to associate with vegan people so that makes it more challenging. I do not enjoy killing animals but when I do I do it with respect and thanks. I live in an area totally over run with deer and they eat your crops. How do you think I should deal with that situation because they eat my vegetables.

Anon I say, you should do what you have to do to live well with compassion and the bigger picture in the forefront of your mind. For most people these days this means eating a plant based diet. Choosing to eat meat when there is perfectly suitable plant based alternatives available cannot be justified. I cannot judge your situation but I believe that killing is a last resort. For example the earth suffers from way too many humans but no one is suggesting a cull.

Anon you should add another book to your suggested reading list. “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” by Weston A. Price. Although, I am already aware that Lierre Keith knows about Dr. Price.

Anon Ria, you could be interested 😉

Ria Del Montana Most of the anti-vegan arguments put forth are so easy to debunk. My guess is that humans who eat nonhumanimals are so invested in denial that the truth becomes so challenging to see. Here’s an example debunking Cosmo & Bellamy’s list of anti-vegan arguments, some mentioned above https://veganarchoprimitivism.com/to-fro/

To & Fro by ria  It’s impossible to be vegan because it’s impossible to totally refrain from harming other… veganarchoprimitivism.com

Anon A strict fruitarian diet would be the best thing for the planet – it would greatly help to reduce the human popula


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