A Tribute to the Great John Trudell

On December 8th 2015, the wise man John Trudell died of cancer. I dedicate this broadcast to a great voice of clairty and resistance. Trudell’s understanding impacted me so very deeply, his is a voice of truth in a culture of lies, distraction, and murder. Watch “Subconscous Wars” http://www.filmsforaction.org/watch/subconscious_war_2011/

This introduced me to John Trudell and forever changed my thinking.

Listen here: I am resistance

I am RESISTANCE! Every Saturday morning at 11 am PST (and sometimes more) we explore the meaning of life, militant resistance, and the insanity of industrial civilization. We feel compelled to openly explore, seek understanding, and resist a world lost to industrial civilization and the corpratocaracy that enslaves us and deforms our mind. We are enraged militant thinkers seeking truth in a culture of violence and kitsch. Join us in conversation or have a listen.



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