Vegan Permaculture: Is It The Future?

Hmmm… Wonder what Mr. David Watts thinks about this.

Little Green Seedling

There are some experiences which completely change your perspective on life. For me, one of those experiences was spending two weeks as a volunteer on a vegan permaculture farm in the heart of North Wales.

Despite having grown up in the Welsh countryside, this was different to anything I had done before. For one thing, the farm is completely off-grid – no mains water, electricity, sewage or gas, no phone and no Internet connection. For another, permaculture was a relatively new concept to me and I had no idea what kind of work I would be doing.

Although the farm is off-grid, all needs are provided for. Water comes from a nearby spring, fed through to a tap. Bottled gas is used for cooking. Each building has a solar panel to power lights, phone chargers and other small appliances. Wind turbines provide backup when there isn’t enough sunlight. It’s a…

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