LIFE ON MELTDOWN: Exposing the root of this genocidal Collective Stupidity by [JOHN, M.J.]How can you make sense of the enormous scale of the present human crisis?

In making sense of our civilization in catastrophic crisis the new book, Life on Meltdown by M. J. John (John Muthukat) is a concise and well-written critique of postmodernism. Having written and published his earlier book, Story of Man – Layman ( in 1990) he has great delight to introduce to the readers this new book which seems to be a better read on the present crisis.

This book goes where far too few researchers have been willing to go, and concludes that the planet Earth is now in a post-evolutionary phase, and we live at the end of Nature. It is also addressing the basic causes behind the present global multiple crises, including the ongoing global warming, that fast change the climate to be too hot, too cold and too turbulent for us to survive.

Here John has done the entire tough work of reading through the complex, and sometimes nonsensical ideas of the most influential postmodern philosophers, and making their theories accessible. This system-shaking book provides a compact insider description of the present mode of human evolution which, according to the author, is actually the progress of a ‘mass ailment’. Due to this mass ailment, the modern world is undergoing the process of global meltdown. In support of his arguments, the author here expounds a theory, a new theory of degeneration, namely, the ‘macro-free radical theory of aging’ that explains the fast spreading immature degeneration of all life forms that threatens the survival of every life form on this planet, including us humans.

Here, John finds, among many other revelations, the very concept of reductionist science, as it is being conceived and practiced today, is fundamentally erroneous, and maintains that science is swamped by its own artefacts. Here we are creating a society of mindless human ‘robots’ all the way through social control via popular culture, mass media and ideological mechanization.

Life on Meltdown, published by Layman Books in April 2014, has proved that scientific thinking, as a product of collective stupidity, is a particular symptom of mental illness. But on a deep reckoning, it is increasingly becoming clear that modern mankind is badly caught in this ‘technology’ trap of its own making. Like a monkey in a trap holding a banana refusing to let go to free itself, modern humanity, long addicted and trapped in reductionist science and technology, is doomed by its own stupidity. It is the old monkey trap story of how hunters in Africa trapped monkeys by putting bananas in a bottle. As the monkey with a bottle stuck on its hand, mankind is fearful of any change today: it fears failure and it fears success. The monkey keeps its hand doubled up in the bottle holding on to the banana, just as modern man is holding on to the highly consumerist and pollution-ridden technology despite the fast unfolding fact that this industrialism is out to destroy mankind soon. Because, like the monkey refuses to open its hand and free itself, modern man too refuses to let loose his hold on technology and let go the industrialism, he can’t go free and think of alternate methods in the world in which human species lived for millions of years without modern technology of industrialism.

A profound and beautifully written book, Life On Meltdown brings back to life the intellectual brilliance and excitement that attended the birth holistic science, and recasts our understanding of the history of modern thought by providing fine and well-reasoned historical examples.


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