DISPOSSES – ‘Naturalness’

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This discussion definitely picks up from themes in Episode 1 and continues to explore narratives that focus on civilisation as disrupting ‘wildness’; or being ‘unnatural’; or upsetting ‘balance’ or ‘harmony’.

Some general questions which informed the discussion: Is civilization unnatural? Is agriculture unnatural? How do these claims hold up when measured against the actions of other species? Are humans unique in losing their ability to be possessed by wild spirits? What is natural? Have we fallen away from the harmonious balance of a natural world?

In this conversation we will be exploring these conversations and more; exploring non-human species which engage in fungus growing, and pastoralism and what that says for the conversation, as well as a general exploration of what those ideas imply.

Osmia’s note:

For anyone interested in some of the sources that were drawn upon for this episode, I took from a reading of ants from a multitude of different sources. “The Leafcutter Ants: Civilization by instinct” by Bert Holldobler and Edward O Wilson was drawn upon for a lot of information regarding the Leafcutter Ants. Also “Adventures Among Ants: a Global Safari with a cast of trillions” by Mark Moffett-which unfortunately tends to jump around a lot within the individual species’ profiles but still is of a lot of value regarding a lot of different ant species. And two other worthwhile sites on ants: https://microbewiki.kenyon.edu/index.php/Leafcutter_ants,_fungi,_and_bacteria and http://www.antwiki.org/wiki/Welcome_to_AntWiki

I also drew upon the Gaia theory by James Lovelock as well as the biophilia hypothesis (which I wasn’t able to get around to actually discussing) by EO Wilson to inform some thoughts.

The primitivists and green anarchists that I drew from are too many for me to be motivated on posting and are easy enough to seek out.

I will be posting an essay at some point in the near future that is a more concise critique of these ideas.

Lone Raven’s note:

John Zerzan took it upon himself to respond to this episode by making what I felt was a poor characterization of our viewpoints and of the podcast in general on his own show ‘Anarchy Radio’, on August 23rd.

In response, I have written this open letter.


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