The Social Construction of Human Beings and Other Animals in Human-Nonhuman Relations

Welfarism and Rights: A Contemporary Sociological Analysis.  by Roger Yates 2004

abstract contents


Theoretical Grounding and Methodology (advocates for nonhuman rights may want to skip this technical section and proceed to Part One).

PART ONE – What humans have said about human and nonhuman animals.  What we tell our kids.  How the species barrier has been constructed.

Understanding Boundaries

Us and Them

The Species Barrier

Human Supremacy Constructing the Right and Wrong Sides of the Species Barrier

Dehumanisation Using the Species Barrier

The Species Barrier Maintenance

PART TWO – Is it possible to break free of the ideological straitjacket of animal welfarism?  What’s ahead for genuine animal rights advocacy?

The Emergence of Animal Rights into the Social

Singer, Regan, Francione

The Strength and Resilience of the Orthodox

Reaction to Animal Rights Advocacy

Avoiding Unpleasure and Evading Knowledge

The Development of Animal Studies

Conclusions Appendix Bibliography


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