Primal Quest with Finisia Medrano in “Growing Up in Occupied America”, by Ria

Growing Up in Occupied America

Open yourself for inspiration reviving the indigenous in you, not only for your self but for all. Welcome to the tough, true, unfinished life story of Finisia, a phophet in the land of the blind delivering her prophecy by word and deed: Embrace Earth or Die. She describes herself thusly:

I am of both races; White and Red. I am of both cultures; Cain and Abel. I am of both theologies; Creator and Destroyer. I am of both sexes; male and female. I am a bridge and a part of the bundle in knowledge of the ways of these hunter-gathers here. I have been given several sacred hoops. The Ghost Dancers had roused me from my sleep to open up the bundle.

Finisia is a bridge between two worlds, the catalyst to save Earth from us by finding our Earthly selves in awakening the wild in us, to rediscover our primitive species’ path along the Sacred Hoops.

Through revealing her self, she reveals our species’ natural place with Earth. She takes us along her sad but amazing adventures as Baglady, Gypsy, Chanupa, Rainbow Warrior on a nomadic ‘wild vs civ’ quest to unspin civilization’s lies taking root in us all. She confronts us to embrace the waning way of our wild life, balanced with Earth.

In her idiosyncratic forthright telling of living her authentic intuitive life, much like Edward Abbey, she reveals not just the problem, but the solution. But, like Abbey, she is only one, and cannot finish the de-evolution Earth needs in us moderns, us takers. She compels us to join her, first by helping us to see.

Look around you. Look with eyes wide open. We vilify our victims to justify our villainy and we call that the truth? Hand them to me. I will unspin all your lies!

Then she invites, no, she calls us to backtrack from our fabricated civilized realm and rediscover our wild through arousing our dormant primal ways.

She holds her hard truth to the end, telling us what our wild-suppressing selves need to hear, inciting us to revive our true nature. She compels us with her lament and warning, challenging us to act, to sacrifice for salvation:

I write to the seven generations… I speak as one descending, not ascending. I fear I speak in vain, that all I write and say are only the unintelligible, muffled cries of a dying soul.

We have so much still within us to give, while we have so much to lose if we don’t. Finisia’s story will haunt you until you find your way to rewild your self through rewilding Earth. And when you do, find others to join you. And be sure to let her know.


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