Move Upstream: A Call to Solve Overpopulation, Karen I Shragg

PictureOur world is overpopulated. This fact lies outside of the typical activist’s perspective and doesn’t fit into society’s dominant anthropocentric worldview. When it comes to our use of natural resources, we are taught to consider issues related to consumption such as energy efficiency and recycling. However, the number of people – and how fast that number is growing – is a more important factor. More people consume more resources, need more services, produce more waste, and create more world conflict as resources diminish.
Working on downstream issues, such as saving the environment, feeding the hungry, and ending homelessness, is noble but ineffective and inefficient without also working to solve the primary cause of these and other important issues. In Move Upstream: A Call to Solve Overpopulation, Karen Shragg challenges social and environmental activists to stop working downstream and take the problem of overpopulation seriously. She also provides compassionate ideas to solve the problem.

On Species Barrier:

Negative Population Growth


“From seal-level change to extinctions of charismatic fauna, most of our ecological problems are likely insoluble if we fail to reduce number by several-fold. … Shragg sounds a vitally important alert. Tom Flynn, Free Inquiry

“The bravest book on human overpopulation yet. It will open your eyes, even if you have taped them shut. Shocking and provocative, Move Upstream has the courage to name names and proscribe the simple truth on how to combat the overpopulation crisis.” Alexandra Paul, actress and activist

“A boldly truthful and hopeful book.” World Population Balance

“Karen Shragg has hit the nail on the head of overpopulation denial and offers sensible solutions to this crisis.” Bruce Phillips of One Planet One Child

“For anyone concerned with environmental issues, humanitarian missions, or the future of the planet in general, Move Upstream is an essential read.” Manhattan Book Review



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