unauthorized Cosmo Rydra snippet

Anon I try to use less FB, so are there any good Green Anarchism/Rewilding/Conversationism sites besides:
AnonVeganarchoprimitivism? Is that really a thing? How?
Anon You only eat beans or something
Anon Hahaha! Oh man.. That’s funny
Anon Lol I don’t actually know it just seemed like a good spot for a joke
Anon Lol oh man it was perfect
Anon Veganism is just one big joke
Ria Montana if anyone really wants to know, ask away. i’m the veganarchoprimitivist blogger
Anon Are there any goals or mission statements? I looked on the website but couldn’t find it.
Ria Montana I don’t spell out the goals, but I hope to be a voice in the wildfire spread of thinking & acting on slithering our species’ way out of civilization, rewilding nature, and rewilding ourselves in the process.
Anon How do you hunt / gather necessary nutrients? Curious
Ria Montana Good question. Early humans survived for millions of years mainly or solely by foraging fruits, leaves, shoots, tubers, seeds, nuts, mushrooms, etc. Wonder how they would explain they did it.
Anon Isn’t there evidence to suggest that early human hunted animals and fish for food as well?
Ria Montana Foraging and then scavenging happened a long long time before hunting.
Anon I’m down with all that Ria.
Anon I think we probably ate insects and small animals all along our evolutionary path from the beginning.
Anon I’m sure there were instances of mainly plant based subsistence in more hospitable regions but I think that’s the exception. We have always found new food sources wherever we go.
Anon We are after all opportunistic omnivores
Anon I think veganism is inherently anthropocentric.
Ria Montana how so?
Anon Because it is impossible to sustain oneself without violence against life. By regarding it “more justifiable” to eat plant-people, a vegan is therefore putting themselves into the position of judge–which puts them outside of the symbiosis of the ecology– and creating a hierarchy of worth.
Ria Montana how is hunting not “creating a hierarchy of worth’?
Anon Please explain to me how being omnivorous is.
Particularly when one understands the cyclical nature of eating/being eaten.
Rio Montana deciding which animals and plants to eat.
Anon Well, my–theoretical, idealistic gatherer-hunter–diet is based upon what is immediately available and whether or not it’d poison me.
I agree with veganism insomuch as I agree that the meat industry is cruel and should be abolished. In the same way that surplus agriculture is cruel and should be abolished.
Ria Montana you eat your dog? your kid?
Anon That’s cannibalism.
Ria Montana what’s wrong with that? & eating your dog is cannibalism?
Anon The way I determine who I eat is based upon my relationship with them. It is not based upon speciesism–ie: I won’t eat a dog because it’s a dog–I have an intimate relationship with the dog who lives with me, and our relationship is not based upon eating/being eaten. In my ideal lifeway–and in my day-to-day practice–I enter into an agreement with particular plants and animals, and our relationship is predicated on eating/being eaten.
Ria Montana same with me. my relationship with animals is not predatory in nature. i doubt any life ‘agrees’ to be eaten. sounds like magical thinking to ease your heart of guilt. jim mason – an unnatural order
Cosmo Rydra I mean there is just no such thing as veganism. It can only exist as a subjective aesthetics. The tofu you buy and the banana you buy kill animals you don’t know , same w the asphalt you walk on or the walls on your house. It’s completely anthropocentric and paints humans a day managers and conservators. Also, it places an arbitrary line on what An animal is and devalues plant life. To be alive is to kill, veganism is hyper domestication. Plus cheeseburgers
Ria Montana My ideal life is not in civilization. My ideal is not a consumerist diet. I eat the way humans ate for millions of years, as forager. I am closely connected with plants, and sense their life, and their suffering. As you say, to be alive is to kill. I harvest some of their parts causing suffering, and sometimes kill them for my survival.
Cosmo, may I have your permission to post your comments on my blog?

One thought on “unauthorized Cosmo Rydra snippet

  1. “veganism is hyper domestication” sounds like that kt line is now becoming a dogma itself. and they can’t even get it right – he said “ultra”


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