Finisia Medrano snippet

Ria Del Montana
Ria Del Montana where do your thoughts go today?
Finisia Medrano
Finisia Medrano To the land where i am going. Cali. to rewild fruits and nuts planting food freedom on public lands of all those crazy exotics. Loquats persimmons pomegranates figs almonds. Lots of pigs gone wild there. Time to feed the pigs.
Finisia Medrano
Finisia MedranoThe only resistance to monsanto and globalists is planting all that feeds the wild and yourself in a state of food freedom. If ever you lived in the wild on wildgathered foods you would see the need to follow these simple original instruction to wildtend what feeds you.

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Anon …Been Ready!..i will teach people how to survive….without all those insane bunkers & stockpiles of gov canned food…lol..oy ><
Finisia Medrano
Finisia Medrano None are ready. If so why are you choosing to live ecocidally?
Anon …not for myself, but for hubby….he is in no shape to live like we are meant to..he would suffer so badly & the Only reason why i am here….they tried to kill him back in 1975…a hit & run, they forced him into a stone bridge in
Finisia Medrano
Finisia Medrano So none are ready.
Anon Respectfully must beg to differ…just cos im not doing it atm does not mean i never have..i have in fact, spent whole summers on the land, for many years…not even a tent…i can say in all Truth i am ready, when it comes to that
Finisia Medrano
Finisia Medrano Just would do what with hubby if it was today? Seems attachments would stop you.
Anon yes….i will stay to die with him if it were today
Anon but..before we died..i will teach a lot of things
Finisia Medrano
Finisia Medrano Not even i am ready any longer but old and crippled and with no others to live with i am done.
Anon imho, ready is a matter of mind when it is thrust upon us…i may be creaking & rusty but my mind is made up…..they may have to listen to me teach from a cave, unable to leave it..but if they will listen..i will tell them exactly how they can survive out with all children..what they do with what we teach up to them..all we can do is our best
Anon if i am able i will show them as you can too
Finisia Medrano
Finisia Medrano Nope. Been that. Done there.
Anon then i will poke you with a stick until you join me…lol…when the need comes…ah, have done enough this is true…i’ve only spoken to show the way, not done as much as you no argument..but my day is coming, not that i relish it, but i will do it
Anon the rage in me at the cost of this…is…almost paralyzing
Ria Del Montana
Ria Del Montana this breaks my heart. what can i do?
Finisia Medrano
Finisia Medrano Feed the wild mad food freedom

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