Watts-Montana snippets, part 2

“The quickest most humane way to deal with our species’ health overall is to significantly curtail our breeding.” Are you hopeful that humans will curtail our breeding? Can we curtail our breeding? If so, how do you see this happening? Not so sure I’m ‘hopeful’, but I sense that it is possible. Within a pro-civilization framework there are concrete examples and nonexamples in Countdown by Alan Weisman. Within an anti-civ lens we can look back to the varying ways early humans controlled their numbers.

“In turn, I exploit these artificial hierarchy systems to practice and hone my skills, to share the earth ethic with others, and to have precious time in wild places.” Isn’t this business as usual: the hierarchy remains and you remain dominated? Yes. I chose this knowing the systemic oppression & hierarchal dynamics. I dream of the day when these skills only spread organically, and do also create and take part in that. It’s like the slave secretly partaking in planning the revolution while patiently learning skills of sustenance in the world she has been born into, with hopes of feeding herself while living her life freely someday, or at least for later ex-slave generations.

“We’ve made quite a mess of things. We’ve messed it up so badly that using technology and civilization will be required in order to gently backstep.” …perhaps they can be transitionary.” Isn’t this also business as usual: the lure of technology etc? I don’t think so. There’s a difference between an engineer maintaining nuke power, and safely turning it off & disabling it. There is so much technology that needs to come down, it’s wise to do it in an organized fashion causing as little harm as possible. Need techno-know how to do this. Tons of planning. For an inspiring read, check out Liminal by Natasha Alvarez.

“For me, the litmus tests: Does ‘dropping out’ help rewild Earth? Probably not.” Surely dropping out can be or is a commitment to both anti-civ and to rewilding? Where are you going to rewild? In the few remaining remnants of wild? Exploiting it for your own benefit? Sounds like more of the same.

“Perhaps folks who rise in the ranks of civilization can assist as inside rebels or saboteurs.” Do academics rebel? Really? Also, isn’t this business a usual? When they speak too loudly they tend to quickly lose their position. I can’t believe Layla is still employable. That to me is a good sign, anti-civ thinking is entering the realm of normality. The more people sense it, the more anti-civ can come out of the closet & gain power.

“Our path to rewilding is complex indeed, making it difficult to discern.” Complex or impossible? Definitely not impossible. It’s just a matter of whether we chose to rewild ourselves, or be put in a genocidal situation where survivors will be forced to rewild or die.


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