Dreaming Beyond Capitalism

Kærry Redwood Atjecoutay: My comment on this is there are many ways that people can be infected with this malady, one of the ways would be the food industry, specifically the animal agriculture industry, responsible for global degradation – The consumer has an insatiable appetite for animal products, is a driving force behind virtually every major category of environmental degradation now threatening our future—deforestation, erosion, ocean dead zones, freshwater scarcity, air and water pollution, climate change, biodiversity loss, social injustice, the destabilization of communities, and the spread of disease. At this time almost every person within the industrialized nations feed from the animal agriculture industry and this disease has in one way or another affected us, even some of us who don’t eat meat, though the ones we love, family and friends. I suspect that the writer of this article also eats meat, making him susceptible to the disease, an opportunist of western industrial society, but never the less, it delivers the point of my campaign against industrial society.


By Martin Winiecki on Saturday August 6th, 2016

How Do We Heal the Disease of the White Man?

In the 1990s an unusual encounter took place in the Ecuadorian Amazon. In plant rituals, shamans of the Achuar, a tribe living in pristine forest that had never been in touch with Western civilization, received the warning that the “white man” would try to invade their lands, cut down the forest and exploit the resources. Deeply shaken, they called out to the Spirits for help.

Soon after white people did approach them, coming to them however with supportive intentions – a group of activists from the United States, searching for ways to protect Indigenous Peoples from the oil industry. The Westerners found a deeply interconnected tribal society living in profound symbiosis with the Earth. Seeing the bulldozers coming closer and closer, they asked the Elders of the tribe how they could survive…

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