Homo sapiens rewilding


3 thoughts on “Homo sapiens rewilding

  1. Ria

    This post is no longer blank. When I initially opened this blog posting, there was nothing there, just the title. So, I assumed you were being ironic. Still, modern humans are not tree dwellers. I don’t see tree dwelling as re-wilding. Although there is the Kombai who still use stone axes only, nothing else, and they make these tree platforms high up in the trees. This is where they sleep and spend a lot of their time. And they love smoking too! Bad habit. Or was the reference to re-wilding with regard to female hairy legs?




    • Ha! One frequent criticism of me is that I don’t make my sarcasm obvious enough. Some, if not much, of what I post is ‘tongue in cheek’. Some, if not much, of what I post is not something I necessarily advocate, but something just to wonder on. Not sure I want to work on these criticisms, for some reason I quite enjoy folks getting pissed at me.

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