Act For Freedom Now!

Total liberation is not a “crusade” of “heroes” for the rescue and salvation of the world, it is the polymorphous war against every chain that keeps us away from our real home and from the possibilities of uncivilising ourselves and reconnecting with the other lifeforms through relationships of survival and not systematized dominion. We don’t speak about the ghost of equality that binds the enthusiasts of utopian non-existent realities. We are nihilist eco-anarchists and anticivilisationists, we believe in small cells of action without any commitment between their members and we publish this printed material as an experiment of diffusion of a nihilistic speech and whatever actions it implies that it could bring.

We all have our differences of opinions and these texts are in no way a conclusive representation of ours, and although we as individuals may or may not agree on everything we have contributed and included in this zine, it is the same desire for a wild existence that inspires us to compile these writings as an article for tactical analysis and expression of thoughts. It is worth noting that this publication is not for the recruitment of individuals to any “cause” or “movement” (concepts which are entirely false to us) but is intended as an open platform for discussion and dissemination amongst ecologically conscious individuals who are already in pursuit of freedom and have already become engaged in their own war with the existent order and its dying society.


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