Tony Wright interview on Reality Sandwich

The theory, in its barebones simplicity is that a symbiotic relationship with the flowering plants of the rainforest (or fruit) was responsible for our extremely rapid cranial evolution, causing our brains to triple in size in only 1.8 million years. The rich biochemicals in fruit affected our transcription process, or the way our DNA was being read. This led to the development of a super hominid with heightened states of self-awareness, insight, empathy and a euphoric blissful happiness. However, due to climate change and possibly other environmental disasters around 200,000 years ago, the fruit trees were destroyed, we shifted to a diet of other foods and as a result experienced brain shrinkage as our brain started shifting back to the standard mammalian pattern, and our once euphoric state of consciousness became more primitive, causing us to become prone to violence, aggression, apathy, and lusts for power and control, and we lost the once pristine consciousness spoken of in religions all over the world. (A paradise, usually involving trees and fruit, with mentionings of trees of knowledge, wisdom, power, fruit offering immortality etc., all of which is followed by a fall of man, a split of man and “god” or whatever deity of that culture, and a rapid decline, or the fall of man following a “golden age”) The left brain was affected significantly more than the right, being largely dominated by a need for control and fear. Unfortunately, it is predominant and in control. In response to this, societies all over the world developed spiritual practices to inhibit the left and stimulate the right. Music, dance, vows of silence (or inhibiting speech over song, with language largely dominated by the left and song by the right hemispheres) tantric sexuality, psychedelic substances, meditation and various other methods in order to access the relics of the euphoric consciousness of the right hemisphere. If we don’t do something about this now, the two hemispheres will continue to revert to the standard evolutionary pattern and we will no longer be able to enter the states of euphoric, out of body bliss, empathy or insight, and the world will be dominated utterly by paranoia and a need for control, and we will have finally created hell on earth.

If you could spend the time to look at these ideas, give any thoughts or critiques, Id very much appreciate it.




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