Industrial Civilization - A Death Cult

Sometimes a stark reality can be confronting in ones life. Sometimes this confrontation can give one a reinforced clarity upon the layers already existing in ones heart and so it was when I visited Coranderrk Aboriginal cemetery in Victoria. Coranderrk was an Aboriginal reserve set up by the government in 1863 to provide land for the Aboriginals that had their land stolen by the European invaders. This reserve was closed in 1924 and many were relocated to Lake Tyers on the south coast although some of them refused to move.

There is more detailed information available on Coranderrk and I don’t wish to delve into the nuts and bolts of its history here but rather dive into the historical significance of it. As mentioned Coranderrk was formed to put people who’d had their land stolen somewhere so farmers could take over their land. Which ever way one looks at it…

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