by David Watts


Britain is now pouring into the British economy loads of “newly created” money: money out of nothing as explained in the “Money as Debt” cartoon. This money is electronic money. 97% of all money is now electronic money; only 3% is actual coinage. It wasn’t always this way. This is similar to biodiversity now only being 2% with human/human-related being 98%.

This money created out of nothing will provide tangible financial bonuses for those who are responsible for this “free” money. This con trick will also provide real tangible interest returns aka profit to financial institutions. This con trick will provide people with loans which they have to pay back with their real time and real sweat. If they default, they will lose real world assets such as their home, car, family split etc. The money out of nothing will finance real world pollution!

How many people understand the world they live in?


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