Industrial society as a whole has left humans dependent, stunted, in a state of perpetual immaturity, whereas self-sustaining groups of nomadic or foraging people reached a level of independence, a wholeness, a self-awareness, a coexistence and connectedness with other sentient beings. Our civilized ‘progress’ has manifested a condition of a constant commitment to and enmeshment with an establishment responsible for destruction and suffering of all beings, including Earth.

In a sense, governments and corporations have become our mothers and fathers. We depend on them in every aspect of our lives. These parents are exceptionally responsible, their influence has a perilous effect on the way we conduct ourselves in relation to others, particularly to free humanimals, nonhumanimals and the planet.

What is Industrial Society (Civilization)? It is science, technology, organized religion, education, governing politics and policies, corporations, hierarchal powers on which we currently ‘depend’ at this very moment. There is a reason that since the onset of the industrial revolution domesticated human population has doubled while free-living animals and people have decreased relatedly. We have evolved into Earth’s most proliferating, puerile parasite on the wild.

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