Kærry Redwood Atjecoutay

The reservation is not my home, all of the Great Plains is my home, now it is contaminated by the animal agriculture industry, which in reality is animal slavery, and monoculture crops. An invasive species has come to occupy my land and in their forced settlements they managed to destroy the Natural Reality, we the free-living once had.
And now… we are supposed to settle for WHAT!…. corporations and their commodities in exchange for servitude, restricted freedoms under a governing political system that is meant to benefit an Occidental utopian society is that obviously not ours – THAT HAS BECOME MY PEOPLES DYSTOPIA.

Industrial society is a disease!

Nature-Based Spiritual Peoples have been relentlessly attacked, oppressed and minimized by the “civilized man,” with his different institutions, governing-politics, monotheism, science and technology etc etc. At this time it is extremely crucial, that we understand the history that predates civilized man, so-called progressive-contemporary man of today.

Civilized man has failed miserably in his ability for respective conduct, for the earth, animals and indigenous peoples. He pretends that his specialized-individualism will somehow save him, from nature and or from himself!… and others (the assimilated) who he has put in a compromising situation, and most will absolutely follow and believe anything he has to offer in terms of solution. For very few of us the manipulation has come to an end.

We need to return to a respective coexistence with Nature, and its not going come by continuing our cooperation with the dominant invader cultures of the world. The planet will return to its normal state when civil societies of the globe have collapsed, and then and only then will we be able to return to being ourselves and coexisting with nature!
“Economic Development”, what this means for indigenous peoples it to bring them into a civilized world, turn them into currency dependent servant/slaves to a capitalist system of trade, exploit their resources and meanwhile destroying a way of life for animals, peoples and then nature, when in the first place it was to coexist with the earth!

Civilization – progress can mean genocide for indigenous peoples, extinction for plants and animals!

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